“Sandi has helped me keep my house fashionably current for many years.  Her ideas ant talent are wonderful to rely on when updating a room.”
-- Alice C., West Newbury

“I’ve often wondered what my houses would look like if I didn’t have Sandi and her expertise over the years.  Her incredible sewing has been a wonder to experience.”
-- Mary B., Andover

“My furniture has looked wonderful for many years now because of the great slipcovers sewn by Sandi.  She’s made my rooms look like they’ve been designed by an expensive designer without the ‘big designer’ price.”
-- Laura P., North Andover

“I’ve valued and appreciated Sandi’s decorating knowledge over many years.  She’s helped me keep my furniture in great condition while still looking wonderful with her slipcovers.  Only she and I know that they’ve slipcovers and not upholstery!”
-- Carol B., Haverhill